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When you started your online business you probably didn’t realise being booked solid with one-to-one clients was going to cap your earning potential to the number of hours you have in a day. 

The truth is, trading time for money just isn’t going to get you anywhere near close to your money goals.

That’s why you created an online course.

It’s the answer to making more money.

The answer to exponential income.

The answer to growing your business, your impact, and your profits.



You worked your butt off, poured all your knowledge into a course that’s going to change lives, and launched it.  And even though you sold a few spots to your existing list, you’re wondering what the next step is to scale your results.

Here's the secret to launch successfully:


Launching is glorified maths


(Without mean Mrs. Khoo from high school.)

When you get this kind of maths right, you make money, so pay attention.

In order to get more sales, you need more eyeballs. Just to be clear, these eyeballs are attached to your ideal client’s body.  

Most people stop their launch maths here and start building their list immediately.  


It’s a great start, but you need to think about conversions, not just list building.

With industry standard email open rates sitting at 15% on a bloody great day, how are you actually supposed to reach the other 85% of eyeballs that make up your list?


If you want consistent income outside of your one-to-one clients… 

If you want the perfect mix of your favourite one-to-one clients and launching courses that make your business $30,000 a month or more… 

If you want a successful course that frees up your time, gets you out of the office and still makes money…

It all starts with Facebook Ad Launch Formula!

It’s not just about having a huge list.

It’s about getting your business in front of the right people more often.

Facebook Ads will consistently put you in front of the people who’re ready to buy right now.

    Success Story

Yael joined Facebook Ad Launch Formula 2 years ago, and she still refers back to it every time she launches her membership.

“Being an email marketing strategist I already knew about list building, so I was hesitant to invest in the course… but I’m so glad I did!!!

Not only was I able to optimise my existing list building Ads, but I was also able to create an amazing launch strategy, as well as implement some amazing retargeting strategies that I wouldn’t have thought of myself.” – Yale Keon

The Launch Strategy In 4 Steps

So, who’s the weirdo giving away her launch secrets before you buy the course?

Oh Hey! I'm Jess!


I’m a Facebook Ad strategist and launch expert helping you sell your online course easily.

Using Facebook Ads, I’ve successfully launched courses with both live and evergreen funnels resulting in multiple five figures. 

I’ve helped my clients achieve multiple five + six figure launches using my Facebook Ad strategies.

Currently, my students are generating leads for clients as little as 0.60c.


You're going to




Build your list with a lead magnet and upsell to start making sales STAT. This is you collecting beautiful ideal eyeballs.


Launch your course with an event. Because – hot tip – people get excited about events like challenges or webinar ads. Use Facebook Ads to fill up your webinar or challenge so you’re not talking to an empty room.


Sell your course by getting it in front of the right people, including by retargeting ads. The old adage is true: your people need to see your offer multiple times before they buy. Let’s not leave a single client behind.


Turn your high converting live webinar into an automated evergreen funnel. Use Facebook Ads to fill your funnel & sell your online course every single day! This is where you sit back and let Facebook do the selling for you.

 Get the entire Facebook Ad strategy to turn your average course launch into a multi five-figure launch you can scale. 

Facebook Ad Launch Formula will take your hand and help you use Facebook Ads to have your best launch ever. Zero overwhelm here. 

Facebook Ad Launch Formula will give you the tools to run your own Facebook Ads so you can keep the profits instead of paying expensive contractors. Your bank account thanks you.

Facebook Ad Launch Formula will give you the exact steps to help you implement as you learn. Easy. Actionable. Effortless.

Welcome to a proven, step-by-step formula to effortlessly sell and enroll clients in your courses over and over again using Facebook Ads.

It’s The Difference Between Struggling To Make $30,000 A Year Or Easily Earning That In One Course Launch.

Let's get you started!
    Success Story

In Jen’s most recent launch of her membership, she generated $30,000+ in reoccurring revenue.

“Before I joined Facebook Ad Launch Formula, I had NO clue how to run Facebook Ads. They intimidated me so much yet I knew I needed them to grow my business and launch my brand new course. Thanks to this course I managed to build my list by 1,000 in 4 weeks with a lead magnet & had 1,000 people register for my webinar. My launch was a huge success.” – Jen Butler, Early Parenting Support

When you master Facebook Ads, here’s what happens… 

  • Your launches are calculated ahead of time, meaning you know exactly how much you’re going to spend and how much you’re going to make. Your bank account has never looked so good.
  • Your advertising costs go down, increasing your return on investment for every dollar spent and taking even more of the profits. No more wasting money testing theories.
  • You masterfully navigate the Facebook Ads dashboard and know exactly what to do with your eyes closed. You set up ads in seconds, not days.  

The result?




Join us now and get access to:

  • 11 training modules with video tutorials to help you master Facebook Ads.
  • Step by step launch strategies, to help you sell your course with live launch events.
  • Ad copy formulas developed with help from my specialist copywriter.
  • Easily editable templates for Instagram & Facebook Ad Images
  • 12 months access to a supportive Facebook community where every question gets answered.
  • Monthly group coaching calls to answer all your Facebook Ads & launch related questions.

Get your hands on the exact process I use to scale my online courses, serve more people and be freed from the 1:1 shackles.

Start embracing paid Ads to scale your online business with more ease and automation.

Let's Talk Modules

The breakdown

Your Launch Formula

In this module, we’ll piece together your unique launch plan. We’ll use checklists and workbooks to help make your launch less stressful and more profitable. From creating your pre-launch lead magnet, right through to writing your sales emails, I’ve got your back. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to map out your launch calendar
  • How to plan your pre-launch period, including creating your pre-launch lead magnet and email sequence
  • How to choose your launch strategy (webinars v challenges), and all the critical elements that need to come together to host a high converting launch
  • How to plan your sales strategy and create the content to sell your course with confidence

Funnel Success

In this module, you’ll design and create landing pages that’ll have a conversion rate of 70% or more. Because It doesn’t matter how great your Ads are, if your landing pages aren’t converting, you can’t generate leads.  Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • My simple landing page design that converts at more than 70%
  • How to create your landing pages and thank you pages using LeadPages
  • What a thank you page is, and how it can help quickly build the know, like and trust factors
Bonus: I’ll also teach you how to use your thank you page to sell a small offer that pays for your ads. Because turning your new lead into a low-cost buyer means they’re 10 times more likely to purchase your course later.

The Foundations of Advertising

In this module, you’ll meet Facebook Ads. This is a crash course for Facebook advertising newbies and I’ll teach you *only what you need to know* to map out your Facebook Ad Strategy. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The foundations of the advertising: campaign objectives, pixels, targeting and more
  • All about split testing and how you’ll use it throughout your launch to achieve the lowest cost per lead
  • How to set up your Business Manager and Ads Manager

Psst: It’s only two 30-minute sessions! Yay! And I promise I won’t bore you with anything you don’t NEED to know.


Domain Set-up & Verification

In this module, you’ll learn how to set-up and verify your domain with Facebook to comply with the Apple IOS14 changes. In this module you’ll learn:

  • Creating a custom domain
  • Verifying your domain in Facebook using DNS settings
  • Verifying your domain using Meta-Tag Verification.

Pixels & Events

In this module, you’ll learn how to create a pixel and configure your events so that you can track & optimise your campaigns. This includes:

  • Creating and installing your pixel
  • How to test your pixel & tracking
  • Creating custom conversions & standard events for tracking

Scroll Stopping Graphics

In this module, you’ll create your Ad images for both newsfeed ads and Instagram Story ads. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to create your Facebook Ad graphics using the EASIEST tool in the world, Canva
  • What you should be split testing in your images
  • How to access my templates in Canva for you to edit to make your own

Copy That Converts

In this module, you’ll get the exact secrets to writing compelling copy that connects and converts your ideal clients. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to get into the mind of your ideal client 
  • How to use your story to connect with your dream leads
  • What you need to include in your Ad to make your client WANT to sign up to your email list, challenge or webinar

Targeting Dream Leads

In this module, you’ll set up all your target audiences in the Facebook Ads Manager. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Who to target, and when, throughout your list building, launching and course sales period
  • How to set up your retargeting
  • How to create lookalike audiences
  • How to target dream leads based on their interests, demographics and behaviours

Creating High Converting Campaigns

In this module, you’ll implement your entire Facebook Ad strategy into a step-by-step campaign. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to create campaigns, step by step
  • How to split test your creative (images and copy)
  • How to split test your audiences
  • How to split test your placement (stories v feeds)

Retargeting During a Launch 

In this module, you’ll implement your Facebook Ad retargeting campaigns. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Your Ad Strategy for your open cart
  • Creating retargeting campaigns
  • Creating abandoned cart ads

Track & Tweak 

In this module, you’ll learn how advanced strategies to track and optimise your campaigns to generate the best possible results for your launch. In this module you’ll learn how to:

  • Track your results in Facebook Ads Manager
  • Read your analytics and know what to do next
  • Optimise your campaigns to achieve the lowest possible cost per lead

Launch Debrief

In this module, you’ll learn how to analyse your entire launch to determine exactly what you need to do next to scale. In this module you’ll learn:

  • What numbers to track in your launch
  • How to track your customer journey
  • How to determine what needs tweaking in your Ads & Funnel

Join now and get your hands on a stack of bonuses valued at over $1,000.

Let's really fast-track your success!
  • BONUS 1 --> Swipe my emails! Get the entire sequence of emails I send to my list throughout the 3 stages of a launch. Valued at $299
  • BONUS 2 --> Winning with Webinars! Learn how to set-up, prepare and host a client-winning webinar so that you can confidently sell out your digital products. Valued at $599
  • BONUS 3 --> Guest Expert Vault! Unlock the vault and get access to all my favourite online business experts to help you create a multiple 6 figure business. Value is priceless.

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Boosting a post here and there does not make for a successful launch. 

That’s why there’s a cyber graveyard filled with courses that never got sold because they didn’t get enough eyeballs to sell. RIP.  

That’s what happens when you ignore the launch maths. And that’s why this course is so focussed on the results.  

Yes, I give you the launch calculator so you know exactly how much to spend to get your desired result.

Yes, you’ll get live coaching calls so we can tailor the training to your unique business.

Yes, your list-building ads will start paying for themselves with an upsell offer on the thank you page. 

    Success Story

Anita has finally cracked the code to scaling her course with Facebook Ads & just had her most successful launch ever.

“I get overwhelmed with tech easily, but Jess' tutorials are easy to follow and easy to implement. After 2 years of business, I have just had my biggest launch ever, which I couldn't have done without Jess and her program! Facebook Ads have literally changed my whole business. I'm forever grateful."

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14 Day Happiness Guarantee

I’ve got your back. Take us for a spin and test drive Facebook Ad Launch Formula for 14 days, 100% risk free. 

Give the modules a go. Implement the education. Do the work. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied, write to me within 14 days and I’ll happily refund your investment. 

Get A 24/7 Sales Team That Is Really, Really Good.

Imagine having a sales team that works around the clock and never ever complains about it.  

That’s what selling an online course with Facebook Ads is like.

Scale back your one-to-one clients, be selective, and only work with your favourites. 

Leverage your skills, knowledge and time to grow your business. 

Serve more people than you could ever do one to one and make a real impact on thousands of lives.  

Build a digital presence that positions you as an expert in your field, so you’ll be approached for speaking gigs and interviews. 

Launching your course with Facebook Ads will get you there.

  Let's go!
    Hear from past students...



My life has changed and I can’t go back.

“Thanks so so so much for all your guidance. Every course I’ve spent small fortunes on for Facebook Ads were dry and technically challenging. Yours was so simple and easy to understand. I don’t feel so intimidated anymore.  Before I blew $1,000+ on ads and it didn’t take me anywhere. Now, my email list is almost at 400 since starting the course last week. I learnt so much about the dos + don’ts of everything with Ads." – Gia Dixon

Jess has been an inspiration in my business. 

Her calm, strategic approach helps to settle the flurry of ideas that I throw at her! She’s like a de-cluttering experience for my brain – taking my ideas and designing an awesome funnel that feels natural and simple to create. Jess has coached me through the Facebook Ad & funnel design process – I’m a reluctant student (I hate techy stuff), but she’s patient, easy to work with and a great coach. - Lisa Kniebe

I was able to get 5 clients to sign up within 1 month.

“Before I joined Facebook Ad Launch Formula, I was stuck with organic marketing… which was going nowhere. Thanks to this course, I have been able to scale my business without wasting time and energy. I was able to get 5 clients to sign up within 1 month.” – Samar, Therapist & Relationship Expert

I have a step by step strategy for my launch which has really given me confidence.

Before joining this course I had no idea how to run Facebook Ads for a course, because it’s a really unique strategy. With Jess’ help I have a step by step strategy for my launch which has really given me confidence. I know exactly which ads to run and how to maximise each ad to get the best ROI. Jess is very thorough and both her course and online coaching are transformational.” – Reem, SEO Room



When you join Facebook Ad Launch Formula, you get instant access to:

  • 11 training modules with video tutorials to help you master Facebook Ads.
  • Step by step launch strategies, to help you sell your course with live launch events.
  • Ad copy formulas developed with help from my specialist copywriter.
  • Easily editable templates for Instagram & Facebook Ad Images
  • 12 months access to a supportive Facebook community where every question gets answered.
  • Monthly group coaching calls to answer all your Facebook Ads & launch related questions.

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