VIP Ads in a Day

Get all the Facebook Ads for your next launch done in a day.


Save time, eliminate guesswork, and have your best launch ever.


You know Facebook Ads are the next step in scaling your launches to multiple 5 and 6 figures in sales, but you're at a crossroads when it comes to the "how".

You're not ready to spend thousands each month on outsourcing your Ads to an agency...

But when it comes to DIY'ing, you're second guessing the set-up and the strategy:

  • What Facebook Ads should I run in the lead up to my launch?
  • Should I promote my lead magnet? Webinar? Send people straight to my sales page?
  • How do I make sure Facebook is tracking all the right data like leads and sales? Pixel what?
  • What images are working best right now? And what should I say in my video Ads?
  • How much should I be spending on my launch to hit my sales goal?

When you open up your Ads Manager, the overwhelm consumes you. (Uhhh. WTF. This is not what the Ads Manager looked like 3 years ago?)

The learning curve feels too steep, and it's pulling you away from the work you get paid to do.



Set them up once. Rinse and repeat forever.


I've managed the Facebook Ads for course creators who have had multiple 5 and 6 figure launches.

I've also helped hundreds of students learn how to DIY their own Ads.

Here's what I know to be true:

Your first launch with Facebook Ads is the hardest because you're starting from scratch.

But once they're successful; you can rinse and repeat your Facebook Ads for years to come.

Let me help you through the hard yards of setting up the Facebook Ads for your next launch, so you can reap the rewards for years to come.



Get all the Ads done for your next launch in a day.

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The Perfect Blend of Strategy and Execution


Get a custom Facebook Ads & Funnel strategy to help you sell your courses on repeat. You get my brain all over your launch.


Get your Ads set-up in a Day. Say hello! to high converting Ads that attract dream leads and turn them into paying customers.


Get access to my course Facebook Ad Launch Formula, so you can learn how to test, track, tweak and manage your new Ads.

 Here's how it works

Phase 1: Ad Account Audit

Once you've confirmed your VIP date, I'll get access to your Ads Account and begin with a thorough audit of your Ads Manager and funnel.

I'll review past campaigns, targeting, creatives, and their corresponding results. Additionally, I'll review your funnel strategy, including your landing page and  thank you page, to identify any areas for improvement.

Phase 2: Launch Strategy 

Collaboration is key to success. In this phase, we'll schedule a Zoom meeting to discuss any recommendations for optimising your funnel, campaign strategy, and any content required before the Ads setup.
If video content is needed, I'll provide you with a script and creative direction, empowering you to record the content in advance of the VIP day.

Phase 3: VIP Ads in a Day

I'll spend the day setting up your Facebook Ad Campaigns.

The first campaign will focus on lead generation, capturing the attention of your target audience.

The second campaign will be a retargeting campaign, designed to re-engage and convert potential customers.

During the VIP day, I'll handle the setup of Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads, ensuring everything is optimised for maximum performance.


Phase 4: Ongoing support

Our commitment to your launch success doesn't end with the VIP day.

As part of our Ads in a Day package, you'll gain access to our online course Facebook Ad Launch Formula.

This will guide you through tracking, testing, tweaking, and managing your campaigns effectively.

I'll also provide you with seven days of dedicated email support, during which we can discuss campaign results, optimisation and scaling.


This is perfect for you if:


You want to scale your online course faster, without relying on organic reach alone...

You want successful Facebook Ad campaigns that bring you the highest quality leads & conversions

You want the expert Ads strategy and execution, without the expensive monthly management fees… 

Book me now, for your next launch.

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