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Launch Your Course Like A Boss And Get Paid Like A CEO.

You want to run a course-based business but the honest truth is, you’re already exhausted thinking about all.the.things you need to do to launch it.


Whether you’re looking to scale from your 1:1 business model or starting a course-based business from scratch, there isn’t just a lot to do. There’s a lot to do in a very short period of time.

When you think about carts being opened and closed for live launches. Launch events you need to launch in order to launch the other thing you want to launch. Countdown timers being set on evergreen launches - there’s a lot of moving parts. 

Running a course-based business is rife with exhausted, overwhelmed and disenfranchised business owners who are looking for a launch locksmith to unlock the doors to success already. 

I’m going to give you the key right now:


You don’t have to do it all to make it all. 

There are a million ways to launch a course-based business.


Okay, a million might be an exaggeration, but there are oh-so many ways to launch a course-based business.

And if you try to do it all, you’re going to drive yourself bonkers.

It’s about finding the perfect system to compliment your business model and lifestyle to create a repeatable and scalable launch strategy that you can rinse and repeat every.single.time.


Skills don’t pay the bills. Systems do.


You’ve spent more hours than you’ll ever admit building your course or creating your membership. It’s the 8th wonder of the world. You didn’t skimp on the education. It’s chock full of your knowledge and expertise. And it’s even hosted on a professional platform.

The only problem is, you’re not exactly sure how to launch it into the world successfully.

Sure, you could email your list and let them know the course is open. You could post on social media a few times to let people know the membership is available.

But that’s not a plan. Or a system. That’s throwing things at the internet and seeing what sticks. And that kind of launch always fails. 

I’m going to help you figure out what your one thing is so you can reach your sales goals.

Sell more. Live more. Work less.

If you want that evergreen dream where you’re consistently making money without needing to show up…

If you want launches to the tune of multiple five and six figures multiple times a year…

If you want the kind of business model that gives you time back to have a life…

It’s about creating your perfect launch plan, and then launching like a boss.

Hey, I’m Jess!

Over the past few years I’ve supported dozens of course creators and membership owners with their evergreen funnels and live launches achieving multiple 5 and 6 figure launches.

Consider me your straight-talking, bar-raising launch strategist here to spot your true potential then push you that little bit further into what I know you’re capable of achieving. I’m going to hold you to your highest potential and highest standard. 

Here’s what I’ve come to learn: 

When you integrate live launching with an evergreen funnel, you can have your cash cake and eat it too. You get a steady stream of income every single month (consider your business expenses covered!) and you get a cash injection a couple of times a year (hello, profits).

It’s a win win. 

During our time together in Launch Like A Boss, my 1:1 private coaching program, we’ll map out your personalised launch strategy that’s aligned to your business model.

Then, I’m going to hold your hand and help you take a leap of faith so you can hit goals that weren’t even on your vision board.

I’m action orientated and a strong advocate of imperfect action always winning.

Get your predictable source of income and get your life back.


Get your predictable source of income and get your life back.


Let’s talk about the evergreen elephant in the room.

Many business owners come to me because launching has scarred them. They think evergreen is their solution to all that effort for little reward.

They think evergreen is a matter of turning something on and seeing the sales flow in.

They think it’s their ticket to earning more and working less.

The truth is, an evergreen funnel is no different than a live launch except there’s one piece missing.


During a live launch, you connect with your audience. Which means you build trust quickly. Which means you sell quickly.

With an evergreen funnel, there’s less connection. Which means it takes your audience longer to convert. 

All of this is to say you might be looking at your launch wrong.

It’s not a set and forget. 

It’s an entire ecosystem.

And evergreen and live launching go hand in hand.

It’s not one or the other. It’s both.

And together, we’re going to get your entire course selling ecosystem sorted so it’s selling systematically and simply.

Launch Like A Boss

This one-to-one coaching experience will help you finally run a profitable course-based business so you can earn more and work less. 

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Here’s how it works: 


Together, we’ll map out your next launch and create a strategic plan for you. This plan will have the legs to take you through the next three to five launches in your business as you grow towards a six-figure launch. 


Each fortnight, we’ll meet for a private 1-hour coaching session to get you closer to hitting your launch goals. What we focus on in these calls is guided by what you need help with the most.


In between our calls, I’ll personally review all your funnels to make sure they’re optimised for conversions. This includes; reviewing your landing pages, emails, webinar slides, sales pages & Facebook Ads.


You’ll also have unlimited access to my strategic brain over Voxer. I’ll keep you on track and moving towards launch success.


Get instant access to all my online courses, templates & training materials on Facebook Ads, Webinars & List Building.

The Investment:

$1,300 per month for 6 months.

Or pay upfront and save $1,000.

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Most people give up on their first launch.

But let me tell you, that first launch is the peak of hard. I’m talking Mount Everest levels of hard.

Instead of getting the right help and pushing forward, they stop.

They stop right before they see real results.

The thing is, growth is always going to be slow at first. You’re testing your funnels and automations, but once it works, the growth is exponential. 

Running a course-based business is about formulating a predictable blueprint that’s unique to your business and spans the next three to five years of business growth.

And I can help you.

Create a course-based business that pays you like a CEO now and for the future.

Whether you’ve hit that glass ceiling of income with your services and are looking to scale, or you’re starting out with your course-based business model, what we’re really here to do is, get you paid well for helping others. 

So let’s ditch the 1:1 that’s keeping you small. And the lack of strategy keeping you broke.

And let’s launch like a boss.