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#43 5 Ads to Run During Your Open Cart

In this week's episode:

I want to talk to you about what type of Ads to run during your Open Cart period.


So just a refresher if you’re relatively new to learning about Live Launching…

Live Launching refers to a method of selling your course or membership. This method means that you have an open and closed enrolment period for your offer.

So for example, you might open your enrolment for your course 3 times each year. And when we talk about the “Open Cart” phase or the “Doors Open” phase we’re talking about the small window of time where people can buy your course, which can be anywhere between 3-10 days.

Typically you’ll open the doors after a webinar or a challenge. And I’ll definitely do a podcast episode on the strategy for this too!

But today is all about the open cart phase, that small window of opportunity to tell people about your course and get as many people as possible to see your sales page and make sales.

During the open cart phase you want to be super visible. This means, email your list daily, having a presence on social media – and in most cases, running Ads.

The reason why I LOVE running Ads during an open cart phase is because:

  • They guarantee that people are going to see your content. With email open rates sitting at 20% and organic reach inconsistent… running Ads provides an additional layer of awareness. You can trust that (the people who you want to know about your offer) are actually going to see it.
  • They’re super affordable. During the open cart phase, you’re only going to be targeting a small audience, the people who are MOST likely to buy, and because this audience is small > it doesn’t cost much to reach them. These Ads will usually give you the best ROI.
  • You can have lots of fun with open cart Ads. Like I mentioned above, these Ads go to your warm audiences, so you can have a lot of fun with the creative. This means getting your face on video, repurposing IG Stories or Reels and sharing testimonials.

Alrighty, so now I’ve likely convinced you to try these during your next launch, let’s talk about the 5 different types of Ads you can run during your open cart.

AD NUMBER 1: Webinar Replay Ad

You likely already know that the chance of someone buying your course or membership increases significantly if they watch your webinar.

But show up rates are ridiculously low.

Which can be so frustrating, especially if you’ve spent a lot on Facebook Ads to get people to register.

So one of the ways we can increase the number of people watching your webinar is to run Facebook Ads to promote your webinar replay.

What I find works really well for this Ad, is to actually embed your webinar replay at the top of your sales page.

That way when people watch your webinar replay, they can also scroll and find out about your offer.

It’s really important that you get the targeting right for this Ad. So what I’ll usually do is export the email list of people who registered for the webinar and upload that to Facebook, so the Webinar Replay Ads only go to people who actually registered for the event.

However if your email list is small, you might find that Facebook won’t deliver the Ads, and therefore you can target this webinar replay Ad to your entire email list & social media following.

AD NUMBER 2: Early Bird Offer Expiring

The early bird offer Ad is to really create an incentive for people to buy early, typically within the first 24-48 hours of the cart opening.

The early bird offer might be a discount on the price, or it could be additional bonuses.

Regardless of what the offer is, you really want people to know about it!

So make sure you create this Ad, schedule it to start when your doors open and end when the offer expires.

Using language like: “Hurry! Discount Expiring” “Join now and SAVE $200” or “Quick! Get your bonuses valued at $1,500” all work really well.

AD NUMBER 3: A Video Testimonial

Testimonials are AMAZING, especially video testimonials. If your dream clients can see themselves in your clients stories, they’ll be more likely to buy.

Video testimonials don’t need to be super professional. Just ask your clients to record a short video on their mobile.

You can them use these videos as standalone testimonials or if you have multiple testimonials you can create a really powerful compilation of your testimonials.

I love this strategy so much because you can really lean into celebrating your past students and let them sell your course simply by sharing their story.

If you can’t get video testimonials, written ones are fine too!

AD NUMBER 4: Sneak Peek Behind The Scenes

Ok so this ad is almost always my best performer. This is a video Ad where you record your screen and share a behind the scenes of your course, quickly showing them the course dashboard, how the modules are laid out, a sneaky peak at some of the content.

This video doesn’t have to be long, and you can use it as an opportunity to answer some FAQ’s too.

One of the challenges of selling digital products is that they’re not tangible. This makes it feel tangible. It increases trust. They get to SEE what they’re going to get and what’s going to happen when they purchase.

AD NUMBER 5: The Doors Closing Ad

Last but not least, the doors closing Ad. This is basically the last chance they’re going to get to buy. So tell them that. It’s usually here that I like to record a face to camera video and I just imagine I’m talking to one person, sitting on the fence > I speak directly to that person, and give them that final chance.

This can also include an element of celebrating the people who have already joined. So perhaps if you have a post-it note wall, you can scan through, show who else has joined and then invite them to come along.


These are just a few of many ideas for cart open Ads. Your open cart Ads are really just an extension of what you’re doing organically.

Just because you’re PAYING for your content to be seen, doesn’t mean that content needs to all of a sudden be professional, stiff or boring.

Always be on brand and bring your personality and uniqueness to your content.

Now if you actually want to SEE some of these Ads, my all time favourite Masterclass “The 3 Fail-Proof Facebook Ads for a 5 Figure Launch” is now available for you to binge watch Netflix style. In this training I will actually show you examples of Ads to run during the three stages of your launch > your list building phase, webinar/challenge phase & open cart phase.

You can head to my website to register or find the link in my Instagram BIO.

If you loved this episode, make sure you come say Hi! And let me know over on Instagram! This is where I’ve been hanging out lately. So come slide into my DM’s and let’s connect.

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