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#47 How To Get Your Biz Mojo Back With Laetitia Andrac

In this week's episode:

We chat with Laetitia, a holistic business coach and a ‘soul+biz doula’. 


In this episode of Ready, Set, Launch, I’m sharing with you one of my coaches; the amazing Laetitia Andrac from The Essential Shift.  Laetitia helps women, leaders and entrepreneurs in creating a soul aligned business, career and life.

Laetitia has a solid grounding in mindfulness (started meditation at 5-years-old) and spirituality (lineage of healers), along with an authentic ‘say it as it is’ approach and impressive business savvy and strategic background (with her 12+ years in business and leadership).

Last year I engaged Laetitia when I felt lost in my business. I was unmotivated and totally disconnected with my vision.

In this episode we will walk you through the process we went through to help me find more balance and re-connect to my why – bringing back all the motivation and excitement to help to me to continue to scale my business without burning out or getting bored.

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