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#60 Execute Your Next Launch With Less Stress with Natalie Kladinski

In this week's episode:

I'm joined by 'healthy business' psychologist, Natalie Kladnitski. 

Founder of The Resilient Entrepreneur Academy, Natalie, shares powerful self-care strategies that will help you execute your launches with more ease, confidence, and flow, and less pressure, self-doubt, and overwhelm.

Here’s what you'll learn:

  • Why not all stress is bad
  • Keeping an eye on the “shoulds”
  • Including a self-care plan as part of your launch
  • Tips for managing energy and stress


About the Show

The podcast devoted to open and honest conversations around what it takes to build, manage and scale a thriving course-based business model with more ease and less stress.

From practical quick tips on building a course-based business model, launch strategies and Facebook ads, to real insights into the highs and lows of running a successful business online. 

Get inspired, motivated and ready to take action in building, launching and scaling your course-based business.